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Creativity is a process that can be observed only at the intersection where individuals, domains, and fields intersect.

  Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, Psychologist/Author



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Dear Colorado Art Ranch Community

We have decided to shut down Colorado Art Ranch. For the past two years we have looked at different ways to continue the programs without sacrificing what made them so great. From its inception in 2005, Colorado Art Ranch has been exciting, inspiring, exhilarating, thoughtful and life-changing. Those are words we heard from you Nomads and we wholeheartedly concur. We lived the values that we posted and are most proud of working with open hearts and laughter.

Last year we put together a synopsis of all the programs and events from over the years. Holy Buckets! Art Ranch was definitely a catalyst for change.

The website will remain up for 2016. There may be an individual or group that would like to take on the mission of exploring the nexus of art/science/community/policy. If the values are a match, they would inherit the URL (including Spiral Institute), identity, some consultation and maybe a hundred bucks or so.

For me personally this has been the greatest adventure of my life. We took risks, we innovated, we made stuff up. After the first Artposium our late friend, Kent Haruf, said "That was a by-God miracle." And so it was.

Love to you all,

Grant Pound
Executive Director