Colorado Art RanchPhoto: David Peterson

Denver Artposium Speaker Biographies
October 3-4, 2008

Bill Amundson is a Denver artist who works in the “Suburban Regionalist” mode, a style devoted to capturing and celebrating the true American
scene rather than the idealized version so often pictured in the art of
our time. His work reflects an interest in the contemporary landscape, particularly as reflected through such distinct American staples as the subdivision, the chain restaurant, retail franchises, interstate travel, SUVs,
and the ubiquitous cell phone. His work has been described in various publications as “ironic, compulsive, sweet, irreverent, whimsical, fanatical, hysterical, and banal,” which leads one to question the veracity of the
publishing world.

Roz Chast is internationally recognized as a pioneer of a new type of
cartoon making that emerged in the 1970s, when she became a regular contributor to The New Yorker. Since then, nine collections have
been published of Chast’s work, most recently Theories of Everything.
Roz Chast is known for her cast of recurring characters--generally hapless
but relatively cheerful “everyfolk.” In her cartoons, she addresses the issues
of our time: guilt, anxiety, aging, families, friends, money, real estate, and, as
she would say, “much, much more!” The editor of The New Yorker, David Remnick, has called her “the magazine’s only certifiable genius.”

Marj Hahne is a poet and teacher who has performed and taught at over
100 venues around the country. Her work has appeared in literary journals
and anthologies and in the work of visual artists and dancers. Marj believes
a poem should “stay in the question,” not preach, editorialize, or report.
As a Colorado Art Ranch resident, Marj began a long poem inspired by the Lewis and Clark Expedition, cross-country road trips, and her sense of placelessness. She’s also currently writing a prose poem for every element
in the Periodic Table of Elements.

Adam Lerner is Executive Director of The Laboratory of Art and Ideas at Belmar. He was the master teacher for Modern and Contemporary Art at
the Denver Art Museum and the curator of the Contemporary Museum in Baltimore. He received his Ph.D. from Johns Hopkins University and his Masters from Cambridge University. Since the early 1990s, Adam’s scholarship has focused on the relationship between art and the public. Adam co-edited the book Reimagining the Nation, published by Open University Press (1993), including his own essay on nineteenth century sculpture and French nationalism.

Patty Marx writes comedy because she is too shallow to do anything else.
She writes for film and television; she also writes books and magazine pieces. Her television credits include Saturday Night Live and Rugrats. Her latest book is Him Her Him Again The End of Him. Among her previous books are How To Regain Your Virginity, Blockbuster, and several children’s books illustrated by cartoonist Roz Chast. Patty Marx’s writing has appeared in The New Yorker, the New York Times, and the Atlantic Monthly. Patty teaches sketch comedy at New York University. She was the first girl on The Harvard Lampoon.

Chris Ransick, Denver’s Poet Laureate, won a Colorado Book Award in
2003 for his first book, Never Summer. His collection of short stories,
A Return To Emptiness, was a Colorado Book Award fiction finalist in 2005.
His most recent poetry collection, Lost Songs & Last Chances, was published
in 2006. He is a member of PEN USA’s Freedom to Write Committee and
works in his local community to support literacy and freedom of expression.

Libby Rowe teaches in the Fine Arts program at Vanderbilt University in Tennessee. She received her BFA from the University of Northern Iowa
and her MFA from Syracuse University. She has taught photography and
digital imaging at Oregon College of Art and Craft, and summer workshops
and courses at Miami University and the University of Alabama. Libby
exhibits her photographs and mixed-media objects and installations across
the country. She has shown at Fotocircle Gallery in Seattle, the Sol Mendick Gallery at the University of the Arts in Philadelphia, Zone Gallery in Kansas
City, Missouri, and most recently at the 310 Chestnut Gallery in Nashville.

Jon Spayde is a writer, journalist, poet, and performance artist from St. Paul, Minnesota. His first book, How to Believe, was published by Random House
in February 2008. A former editor of the Utne Reader, Jon co-authored Visionaries: People and Ideas to Change Your Life and Salons: The Joy
of Conversation.

Brady Udall grew up in northeastern Arizona. He attended Brigham Young University and the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. He has published a highly praised story collection, Letting Loose the Hounds, and a novel, The Miracle Life of Edgar Mint. Brady’s stories have been published in GQ, The Paris Review and Story, among other publications. He currently lives with his family in Boise, Idaho, and teaches at Boise State University.

Meredith and David Vaughn are Certified Laughter Yoga Teachers based in Denver. Previously a teacher for 20 years, Meredith studies Hatha Yoga in India and the US. She brought Hatha Yoga and Chi Kung to Kaiser Permanente HMO in the Denver area, and teaches a playful style of gentle yoga, Chi Kung, and meditation. Her husband, David, is a residential architect and is actively involved in the yoga/meditation and laughter yoga classes. Trained by Dr. Kataria in Pasadena, California, as Laughter Yoga Teachers, Meredith and David have started a local laughter club that meets weekly.



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